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The Ammonite Times: A Novel about a Rookie Reporter and Secrets in Cowboy Country

This mystery story was written by Jean Bucknum, a former correspondent and photographer for a daily regional Oregon newspaper. The Bend Bulletin published many of her feature stories, photos and news articles about her small town and large rural county east of the Cascade Mountains.


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What happened to Peter? The rancher who likes to wander has been gone far too long.

The new intern for Ammonite’s small-town paper wants to look into his disappearance, despite being told it isn’t newsworthy. Crystal’s not ready to let it go – not after seeing Peter’s agitated brother brandish a knife as he seeks answers in a crowded tavern.

Reporting on life in an Eastern Oregon ranching town made more sense to Crystal than spending yet another summer selling bagels and beads at her parents’ shop in Portland. The young journalism student is eager to get real-world newspaper experience and to see her articles in print.

Her cub reporter instincts are tested and not just when covering news stories. She deals with unwanted attention and stumbles upon a dead body. Frequent warnings not to pry only increase her desire to figure out what happened in dual mysteries of a murder and a missing man. The more she learns, the less she trusts anyone in Ammonite.

Follow Crystal as she faces unexpected challenges in unfamiliar territory, meeting quirky characters, and finding beauty, spine-tingling moments and stories in cowboy country.